Fruit Salad

I am Fruit Salad
I wear #FruitSaladStyle
I manage FruitSalad.Me
I own FruitSalad.Me/Shop
I run FruitSalad.Me/Events
I provide FruitSalad.Me/Services

I work as a Model/Actress/Presenter and I Style Advertising for Music/Fashion and Creative Projects. Make up & Hair for Commercial/Alternative Fashion or Beauty projects. Creative or Commercial Hair and Wardrobe character styling in film and advertising. Product Promotion, Shop Host and Creative Agent for Artists, Brands, Products and their Designers.

Fantasy Character and Cosplay Designer, Fancy dress Queen and Festival Fairy Princess. Social Butterfly nicknamed Fruit Salad for Pink and Orange Hair in the Raves. That colourful girl with the camera taking profile pictures of everyone! Fashion & Creative Photographer. London City Writer & Film maker. University degree Graduate in Advertising, Media and Public Relations. Distinction level Hospitality Supervision (Marketing & Events, Finances and Business Management)

Secretly an ex Rudegirl/Chav from the backseat of the bus who skipped childhood girly stuff to be a tomboy. Made it to uni and realised there was more to life than being badass chick and embraced her inner rainbow fairy because life is what you make it and it is never too late to be yourself.

Fruit Rugrat Munchkin Pixie Salad your service!